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Profit Success Story of a Mobile Home Park in Central Florida

Profit of a Mobile Home Park in Central Florida


Profile of the Project

Bottom line: We made a total of $754,000 revenue ($600,000 at disposition plus $154,00 in cash flow during renovations) for a mobile home park deal.

  • Location: Central Florida
  • Type of Real Estate: Mobile Home Park
  • Scope of Project: Acquisition, renovation, and disposition
  • Purchase Price: $1.35 million
  • Selling Price: $1.95 million
  • Length of Project: 4 years (2012 to 2016)
  • Investment: $360,000
  • Size of Mobile Home Park: 100 unit sites park
  • Average Rent of Park: $335
  • Increase of average rent: rent increased from $255 per month to $335 per month at disposition.
  • Historic Vacancy Rate: 90 percent occupancy at acquisition; 100 percent occupancy at disposition.


The Story

We bought a 100 unit mobile home park in central Florida in 2012 for $1.35 million, and sold it less than four years later for $1.95 million. During the next four years, we renovated the park, including cleaning up the lakefront to make it more attractive to residents and to potential buyers. Additionally, we put a new roof on the recreation center, resealed the asphalt, and other simple repairs. We added much value to the property while we owned it..

Our investment worked out well because we not only made $600,000 upon resale, but we also profited from a substantial cash flow during the three full years of operations:

  • 1st year cash flow: $36,000
  • 2nd year cash flow: $48,000
  • 3rd year cash flow: $60,000

During those three years, we added four units and increased rent per month. When we purchased the park, the average rent was $255 per month, and by the time of disposition, we increased it to $335. In the end, we generated a total of $154,000 in cash flow.


Lessons Learned from the Project

This project was invaluable for me as an investor, even just in terms of my knowledge level. It provided the foundations for me to effectively apply systems, delegate with efficiency, and learn from many mistakes! I learned the skill of correcting blunders and how to account for that along the way.

Buying, renovating, and selling this property was my first major step in becoming a property manager, scaling my business, and successfully working with an investor.

It didn’t come without challenges, though. If I am completely open, this was one of the hardest deals I’ve worked on to date. It took seven months just to buy it, because the buyers just wouldn’t budge. Top lesson I learned: It was worth my efforts and worth not giving up. To the sound of $750,000 revenue, it was worth it!


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